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English | 2009 | ISBN: 0761439900 | 32 pages | PDF | 3,7 MB

In simple, age-appropriate, easy-to-understand language, this book explains to young readers why bears hibernate.

About the Series:
Why does winter eventually give way to spring? How do plants rise up out of the ground? Why is the sky blue? Simple questions, some with not-so-simple answers.

Most young children are brimming with questions about the processes and events they observe at work around them every day. This new series, in which each title is in the form of a question, addresses the often mysterious phenomena of the natural world and the amazing behaviors and abilities of plants and animals. In simple, age-appropriate, easy-to-understand language, the five chapters that make up each book take the young reader on a journey of scientific discovery - from the formulation of a simple question to the revelation of the sometimes simple, sometimes startling, explanation.

Bold charts, simple scientific illustrations, and dazzling four-color photography bring this process of inquiry vibrantly to life. Echoing the question-and-answer format of the series, each chapter features a challenge question to reinforce the concepts presented and to bolster reading comprehension. In addition, each book contains an activity related to the concepts learned in the text, so students can see for themselves science at work - yet another way of reinforcing the processes and phenomena central to each topic.


Download Why Do Bears Hibernate?

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