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English | Nov 1, 2005 | ISBN: 0292706758 | 316 Pages | PDF | 62,8 MB

From the legendary, fear-inspiring western diamond-backed rattlesnake to the tiny, harmless plains blind snake, Texas has a greater diversity of snake species than any other state in the country. This fully illustrated field guide to Texas snakes, written by two of the state's most respected herpetologists, gives you the most current and complete information to identify and understand all 110 species and subspecies.

Texas Snakes: A Field Guide has all the resources you need to identify snakes in the wild and in your yard:

- 110 full-color, close-up photos that show every snake, as well as 39 detailed line drawings
- 110 range maps
- Up-to-date species accounts that describe each snake's appearance, look-alikes, size, and habitat
- A checklist of all Texas snakes and a key to the species
- Reliable information on poisonous snakes and preventing and treating snakebites
- Concise guides to snake conservation, classification, and identification

Drawn from the authors' monumental, definitive Texas Snakes: Identification, Distribution, and Natural History, this field guide is your must-have source for identifying any snake you see in Texas.


Download Texas Snakes: A Field Guide

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