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2011 | ISBN: 1935987127, 9781935987123 | PDF | 151 pages | 5 MB

The purpose of this book is to help you to become a more effective economic thinker regardless of whether your interests are focused on personal issues, business affairs, or government policy. This book looks at how economists think and can be used either as a complement to a standard economics textbook (which focuses on the subject of economics) or as a standalone text for those who already know something of economics and wish to improve their ability to use and apply that knowledge. To that end, this book lays out for you a description of the thinking process typical in economics and provides suggestions and rules of thumb to help you make that thinking process your own.
In addition, because thinking is a skill, and because skills can only be learned with practice, this book provides a number of exercises that give you the chance to learn and to hone the skills discussed in this book.


Download Critical Thinking in Economics

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