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Japanese gravure idol
Jun Natsukawa (Kanji: Ĵ, Hiragana: ʤĤ ) - born September 19, 1980 is a Japanese gravure idol model from Hiroshima, Japan.* The spectacle society debuts with "Weekly young jump" gravure in 1999 (At that time, it is a main point source of the activity in the real name).
* In 2003 star work with Pyramid Art House. Photography collection 'believe' is the first work.
* In 2004 become a member of TV Asahi corporation project Angel Eye.
* KYOURAKU image girl "Miss surprise" in 2006.In October 2005, she released a CD titled Himetra Trance in which she covered the theme song from the anime Cat's Eye. She's made an appearance on the Japanese television show Pink no Idenshi, as a schoolgirl who falls in love with her teacher; and as herself on the reality show Geirinji. She's also been featured in a commercial for Kantan Kirei-na Fudeo.She was featured in the Playstation 2 game, Yakuza. Though it was just a few pictures, upon entering "Kyushu No. 1 Star", a magazine called "Sabra" can be seen on a table. If you choose to read it, 5 pictures of her will appear.


Download Jun Natsukawa - Rainy Rainy

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