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March 1, 1986 | English | ISBN: 0966413423 | PDF | 149 pages | 6.26 Mb
Traditional Flamenco Guitar, Vol. 3 are unique and authentic methods for the Flamenco guitar written in conventional musical notation and in tablature. Each volume is available through The books contain the principal techniques and selections of the most popular rhythms and compositions of the flamenco art to accompany the dance and guitar solos by the famous maestro, Mariano Cordoba. Each book contains a CD of all the musical arrangements.From the Author
Until recent years, there had been no practical instruction books on Flamenco music and the teaching methods had varied from no text at all, learning by ear and imitation and at best with the pupil and teacher facing each other with his own guitar; to the diagrammatic representation of the guitar strings in a hexagram as the background for the conventions of the tablature method. My instruction books represent both the conventional musical notations with the characteristic pentagram and the tablature's hexagram and the conventions with timing in the same text. The merit of these texts lies in the exercises and progressions of the techniques to build proficiency in the art of playing the Flamenco guitar. Included with each book is a CD of the musical selections so that the student can hear how each rhythm should sound. In my books you will find encouragement whether you are a beginner or an advanced student. The beginner will start earlier on the right path and the advanced student will find things available only from a dedicated Flamenco teacher. Learning by ear takes many years and there are many errors that can be avoided with a knowledge of the musical notation and rules. My advice to students is to learn first the musical values and to practice the measure of time with the foot. This will help you to advance rapidly in understanding the complicated rhythms of Flamenco. With my books, the student will acquire an understanding of what is Flamenco music and its meaning.
About the Author
Maestro Mariano Cordoba was born in a Castilliam village in the province of Guadalajara, Spain. As a young boy, Maestro Cordoba began taking lessons from Rafael Nogales, a great teacher of the Flamenco guitar. After a year of study with Maestro Nogales, practicing ten hours a day, Maestro Cordoba began playing with small professional groups. He began to play for the well-known Flamenco dancers, Maria Martin and Paco Torres, and for the dancing school of Rafael Cruz. He began playing for the wonderful singer, Antonio Molina, and the great dancer, Flora Albaicin. In Barcelona, two years later, he met the greatest Flamenco dancer of them all, Antonio, who was organizing his own troupe, and called our artist to Madrid to be his guitarist. His career then flourished with the beginning of extensive tours throughout Europe and the Americas and with nationwide television appearances in the U.S. He fell in love with the city of San Francisco and decided to make it his home! . He began to give concerts and to teach Flamenco guitar to San Francisco aficionados. He became a recording artist with Capitol Records and signed a contract with Oak Publications in New York to publish his books on Flamenco music. Since then he has devoted himself to writing books, recordings, giving concerts, and in particular, to teaching his students to feel the great pleasure that can come from playing this marvelous instrument. In San Francisco, he was presented one of the highest awards ever given to a guitarist. the "Don Quijote de la Mancha," by the Spanish language magazine " El Quijote." He continues to teach his beloved music in the South Bay Area.


Download Traditional Flamenco Guitar, Vol. 3

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