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Genre: Roman | Time: 06:13:51 | Publisher: Hodder Headline Limited | ISBN: 0375724508 | April 03, 2007
Language: English | Audiobook in MP3 / 56 kbps | ~420 MB

David Mitchell's electrifying debut novel takes readers on a mesmerizing trek across a world of human experience through a series of ingeniously linked narratives. Oblivious to the bizarre ways in which their lives intersect, nine characters-a terrorist in Okinawa, a record-shop clerk in Tokyo, a money-laundering British financier in Hong Kong, an old woman running a tea shack in China, a transmigrating "noncorpum" entity seeking a human host in Mongolia, a gallery-attendant-cum-art-thief in Petersburg, a drummer in London, a female physicist in Ireland, and a radio deejay in New York-hurtle toward a shared destiny of astonishing impact.


Download David Mitchell - Ghostwritten

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