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ISBN: 1780056370 | 2014 | EPUB | 368 Pages | 138 MB

New York City must be the world's top urban destination: whether you're after great theater, fascinating museums, luxurious hotels, history, nightlife, sumptuous dining, or just city energy, you'll find it here. The newly updated Insight City Guide New York is a comprehensive full-color travel guide around this exciting destination. From seeing the iconic sights such as the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty, to finding the most secluded parts of Central Park or the hippest bars in Greenwich Village, this book will make sure you go home having had the quintessential New York experience. Features by local writers explore every facet of the city, from the street-eats scene to the silver screen, with a special focus on the city's fabulous museums. Color maps, plus floorplans of all the major museums, help you navigate with ease, while evocative photography brings New York to life. The detailed Travel Tips are full of practical advice plus our independent selection of the best hotels and restaurants.


Download New York City (City Guide)

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